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Helen Trust Photography originated when friends and family used to get fed up with me having my face stuck behind a camera during holidays and special events.... I love travelling with my camera and always thrive to capture memories and moments wherever I can.  All feedback is much appreciated, thank you for supporting my website and my little squares on Instagram

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I was honoured to become an ambassador for the world class lens filter manufacturer Formatt Hitech, it was a dream come true as I had been using the filters for some time after winning a landscape photography competition where the prize was a Formatt Hitech Signature kit and it really changed my photography output for the better.  I won't leave home without them now, the quality of the glass is best in class and they have even helped me reduce my post processing time significantly due to the clarity and zero colour cast.

Don't take my word for it try them out for yourself and get 10% discount by using code TRUST10 at the Formatt Hitech checkout

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Somerset, UK

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